12 Things I Will Not Have Done Without Travel

Especially for those who love travelling, travel is often said to be perspective changing: Go out and see the world and by experiencing different cultures and ways of living, our goals and visions are re-defined and our mindsets are shaped and shifted. I am guilty of saying this too. But when asked, “How have travel changed you?”, it is hard to put the answer into words – for the change is internal, intangible and visceral. As actions are by-products of thoughts, perhaps, a better answer to this question is to consider the new experiences I have done since I started travelling.

So, without further ado, here are the 12 things I will not have done without travel!

1. Write: This one is simple. I will not have started this blog if I had not travelled. Without discovering the passion for travel, I will not have the desire to share this love with other people. I will not have dared to bare my inner soul, by penning my thoughts into words.

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Why I love travelling alone (Part 2)

“We got a lot of hope and the best intentions
Stuck inside of our own conventions
There’s nothing I could say to you
That means as much as what I do

Oh woah oh
Where you wanna go oh
It’s about that time, that you and I
Ditch this town, start living right”
~ Wanderlust by Nick Gallant

(In Part 1, I detailed the apprehensions and thoughts I had prior to undertaking solo trips. Ultimately, all my trips had turned out fantabulous and the worries were always for no reason!)

This is Part 2, and now, I shall try to explain the merits of travelling alone and why it is so addictive for me. Of course, solo travel is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes (or more like rarely), you might wish for someone to be around you and I will also pen this down.

So, let’s get started. First off, let’s try to understand why I love to travel alone!

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