6 Stupid Travel Mistakes

TAR Rachel

Don’t we all love travelling? It’s fun, invigorating and exciting! However, we feel like kicking ourselves in the ass for making super silly mistakes sometimes. Here are 6 of my stupid travel mistakes:

  1. Missing the bus/train/flight: This is probably the most common travel mistake, and I’m sure many of us have committed this mistake before, yes? For myself, I committed this mistake twice. As previously mentioned in the article “Why I Love Travelling Alone”, I missed my bus in Penang due to being over-engrossed with my camera.

The other occasion happened when catching a bus from Stratford to London. Wrongly remembering the departure time as being 10 minutes later, my friend and I thought we were early and happily sat at the bus terminal refreshing ourselves with tidbits and drinks. At that same moment, our bus departed and we had no clue about it! The worst part? We were headed to London to catch a (cheap) connecting overnight bus to Edinburgh :(

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