3 Statements Indicating You Are A Travel Snob

Travel is about meeting new people, and sharing stories with each other. Sometimes, you meet the annoying Mr/Mrs Know-It-Alls, who have been to so many places in the world. With these people, you probably find yourself in conversations like these:

Statement #1
You: “Oh, this sunset is so beautiful!”
Travel snob: “Nah, it’s just alright. I’ve seen much better.”

People Gathering For Oia's Sunset - P8270654_nEO_IMG Credits: Yuankuei Cheng

Maybe you are witnessing the “best sunset in the world” at Santorini with a newfound hostel mate, and you just have to exclaim on the magic unravelling in front of you. Only to meet a Debbie Downer who brags about seeing far more spectacular sunsets in far-flung locations, like the safaris of Africa or on a dinghy boat in the open seas.

Statement #2
You: “(Insert popular destination) is my favourite place!”
Travel snob: “Nah, it’s such a tourist trap. I prefer places that are more authentic.”

Crowded at Sunset! Boracay Beach Credits: Kullez

Maybe you had a fantastic weekend trip to the pristine island of Boracay, and you can’t help telling people you meet how amazing it is. Only to meet a seasoned backpacker on the roads for months on end, who just couldn’t resist telling you how Boracay is too over-populated and gimmicky with the expensive villas amongst run-down villages. This backpacker will also tell you about this remote, under-developed island that you never ever heard of, where you can enjoy the “true local experience”.

Statement #3
You: “This trinket will make such a pretty souvenir!”
Travel snob: “Nah, it’s all about the experiences. Why are you wasting your money?”

Untitled Credits: Karolina Lubryczynska

Maybe you are in the hostel dorm frantically trying to stuff all the random memorabilia you purchased into your bulging backpack. Only to be chided by the guy on the upper bunk for purchasing rubbish that will only gather dust on your display cabinet back home. If you were to peek into his backpack, you probably will only see unwashed boxers, dust-stained cargo shorts and crumpled singlets.

Do you sound like the travel snob above? If you do, just own up to it! You cannot be a snob, unless you are awesome in what you do! Since you have encountered paradises on earth, ventured into off-the-beaten destinations and have a chock full of pleasant memories, it is your right to be annoying and flaunt what you know. Oops, did I just sound like a travel snob? I don’t care ;)­


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