6 Stupid Travel Mistakes

TAR Rachel

Don’t we all love travelling? It’s fun, invigorating and exciting! However, we feel like kicking ourselves in the ass for making super silly mistakes sometimes. Here are 6 of my stupid travel mistakes:

  1. Missing the bus/train/flight: This is probably the most common travel mistake, and I’m sure many of us have committed this mistake before, yes? For myself, I committed this mistake twice. As previously mentioned in the article “Why I Love Travelling Alone”, I missed my bus in Penang due to being over-engrossed with my camera.

The other occasion happened when catching a bus from Stratford to London. Wrongly remembering the departure time as being 10 minutes later, my friend and I thought we were early and happily sat at the bus terminal refreshing ourselves with tidbits and drinks. At that same moment, our bus departed and we had no clue about it! The worst part? We were headed to London to catch a (cheap) connecting overnight bus to Edinburgh :(

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12 Things I Will Not Have Done Without Travel

Especially for those who love travelling, travel is often said to be perspective changing: Go out and see the world and by experiencing different cultures and ways of living, our goals and visions are re-defined and our mindsets are shaped and shifted. I am guilty of saying this too. But when asked, “How have travel changed you?”, it is hard to put the answer into words – for the change is internal, intangible and visceral. As actions are by-products of thoughts, perhaps, a better answer to this question is to consider the new experiences I have done since I started travelling.

So, without further ado, here are the 12 things I will not have done without travel!

1. Write: This one is simple. I will not have started this blog if I had not travelled. Without discovering the passion for travel, I will not have the desire to share this love with other people. I will not have dared to bare my inner soul, by penning my thoughts into words.

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Why I love travelling alone (Part 2)

“We got a lot of hope and the best intentions
Stuck inside of our own conventions
There’s nothing I could say to you
That means as much as what I do

Oh woah oh
Where you wanna go oh
It’s about that time, that you and I
Ditch this town, start living right”
~ Wanderlust by Nick Gallant

(In Part 1, I detailed the apprehensions and thoughts I had prior to undertaking solo trips. Ultimately, all my trips had turned out fantabulous and the worries were always for no reason!)

This is Part 2, and now, I shall try to explain the merits of travelling alone and why it is so addictive for me. Of course, solo travel is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes (or more like rarely), you might wish for someone to be around you and I will also pen this down.

So, let’s get started. First off, let’s try to understand why I love to travel alone!

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Apprehensions of travelling alone (Part 1)

反正天若真的塌下来  我自己扛
天气好or天气坏  有什么好紧张
反正下一秒钟的我  开始  开始流浪

我要一个人去阳明山上看海芋  拍偶像剧
(一个人的行李 - 戴佩妮)

The date is 16 December 2013 and the clock at the top right corner of my Macbook reads 2:00pm. I am seated comfortably on my reclining chair at home, with my attention fixated on the season finale of Survivor: Blood vs Water. Out of the blue, I feel a sudden wave of apprehension. And this makes me very confused. Why have I got the jitters? Have I not been looking forward to this for the longest time? Shouldn’t I be feeling excitement instead?

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A Year at Work

I wrote this note as a reflection on my one-year journey through working life. Just as how the exchange experience has shaped me for who I am, work has also done likewise, albeit in a far less adventurous manner. Also indicative of who I am as a blogger, here are my thoughts after spending a year in the corporate world.

“You see, you’re just like everyone
When the shit falls all you want to do is run away
And hide all by yourself
When you’re far from me, there’s nothing else

When your mind’s made up
When your mind’s made up
There’s no point trying to change it”
~ When Your Mind’s Made Up, The Swell Season, from the film Once

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One Year Ago (Vor ein Jahr)

I had originally posted an abridged German version of this note on my Facebook page on 2 Feb 2012, commemorating the one-year mark of leaving Singapore to spend an exchange semester abroad in Vienna. As this marks the beginning of my wanderlust approach to life, I think it is only right to post the full English version as the first introductory post to my blog. So here goes!

“Life is a journey. We’re all going somewhere, but where are we going?”
~ Quote aboard Logos Hope Ship

On this day last year, I was at Changi Airport ready to embark on a flight to Vienna, and begin a 6 months journey away from Singapore. I could still remember my feelings at that time, excited to begin a new adventure and at the same time, apprehensive on what the future will bring. On hindsight, all that apprehension was for nothing as the time spent on exchange turned out to be one of the best, if not the best, experience I ever had. A year later, I am writing this note to celebrate and reflect on the amazing journey I had.

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