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3 Favourite Sunrises of Mine

Sunrise vs sunset: It is said that those who prefer sunrises are optimists who look forward to the start of a new day, while those who prefer sunsets are pessimists who brood over the events of the past day. I prefer sunsets but I do not consider myself to be a pessimist; instead, I am just a lazy ass who loves to sleep in! :D It is an ordeal to wake up for sunrises – hitting the snooze button numerous times, rubbing my sleepy eyes, burying my face in the pillow, tossing and turning around, before crawling out of bed grudgingly. But, for these 3 sunrises, it was definitely well worth my effort :)

1.  Mount Merapi, Jogjakarta

Sunrise at Mount Merapi, JogjakartaSunrise, Mount Merapi

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (Angkor Wat)

Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is amassed with spectacular ruins, but my personal favourite has to be Ta Prohm. Witnessing trees towering towards the sky and their roots deeply entwined within the elaborate walls is simply a sight to behold. It’s truly the convergence of nature and history!