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3 Statements Indicating You Are A Travel Snob

Travel is about meeting new people, and sharing stories with each other. Sometimes, you meet the annoying Mr/Mrs Know-It-Alls, who have been to so many places in the world. With these people, you probably find yourself in conversations like these:

Statement #1
You: “Oh, this sunset is so beautiful!”
Travel snob: “Nah, it’s just alright. I’ve seen much better.”

People Gathering For Oia's Sunset - P8270654_nEO_IMG Credits: Yuankuei Cheng

Maybe you are witnessing the “best sunset in the world” at Santorini with a newfound hostel mate, and you just have to exclaim on the magic unravelling in front of you. Only to meet a Debbie Downer who brags about seeing far more spectacular sunsets in far-flung locations, like the safaris of Africa or on a dinghy boat in the open seas.

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